--- Nomination Rules ---

Procedures for Nominating a Candidate

Who Qualifies?

Induction in the TI99HOF is open to any person or organization, past or present, anywhere in the world who has made an important, established and lasting contribution to using the family of TI Home Computers.

What is the Process?

If you want to make a nomination for induction in the TI99HOF send the name of your nominee together with a preliminary biography describing the achievements of the nominee to A member of the TI99HOF Board of Governors will acknowledge receipt of your nomination and may correspond with you to suggest changes and/or request additional information in order to improve the submitted biography.

Periodically members of the Board of Governors will consider the nominations received and will vote by secret ballot whether or not to induct each candidate. An affirmative vote of at least 80% of the votes cast is required for induction to the TI99HOF. Before announcing the name of a successful nominee, a member of the Board will contact the nominee and/or their representative to obtain their permission to proceed and to ask them to review the biography which will appear on the website. The name and biography of the new inductee will then be added to the TI99HOF website and, if possible, a formal presentation will be arranged.

Why do I have to Submit a Preliminary Biography?

The answer is simply that members of the Board of Governors may not have enough information about the nominee to produce suitable biographies for all nominations submitted. They may not have the time or resources available to do this task. Members of the Board will provide whatever help they can by making suggestions to nominators in developing a suitable preliminary biography.

What should I include in a Preliminary Biography?

The contents of a preliminary biography should contain what you would expect to see on the TI99HOF site if your nominee is inducted.

There is no set format to follow but you may review the biographies of those already inducted for some suggestions.

We have prepared a sort of checklist which may give you some basic guidance in preparing your preliminary biography.

Please ensure that your preliminary biography of the nominee includes:
- Proper name
- Nickname (if any)
- General area for which recognition is being sought
- Names of TI groups and positions held, if any, that nominee has belonged to
- Reason for the recognition such as:
- If nominee is a programmer, the names of major programs written or co-authored
- If nominee is a hardware developer, the names of products developed or co-developed
- Other contributions by nominee, such as TI community service and published articles
- Period of time that accomplishments have been of value to the TI99'er community (estimate if necessary). It must have been for a minimum of three years.
- If known, any other non-TI areas in which nominee has gained recognition
- Some minor personal information if known. This may, or may not be included in the final draft of the biography.
Although it will not appear in the final biography, if possible, attach a postal mailing address and email address for the nominee and/or their representative.

Please note that there are separate nomination forms for the nomination an individual and for the nomination of a User Group. Please select the appropriate form.


Click here to submit a nomination for an individual

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